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Construction Business Loans

In this current climate, there has never been a greater demand for housing and commercial business development. However, like all industries, this too is seasonal. At times of the year, a slowdown will be imminent. This decrease in productivity may result in a lack of funding to cover expenses such as labor, materials, and project costs before completion. Even unexpected harsh weather can lengthen your timetable, which can play havoc with your bottom line. Regardless of the type of construction business you’re in, a loan can offer an influx of cash flow to handle any financial obstacles you might incur.

Prevents business shutdown

  • Allows you to stay competitive
  • Flexible loan and payment terms
  • Funding for expansion
  • Prevents loss of employees

Construction Financing Quick Facts

Loan amounts of $5K-$500K
Repayment terms up to 36 months
Approval in as little as 24 hours

Basic points to consider when applying for a construction business loan

The challenge of being approved for a loan lies in the method of funding. Traditional lenders have increased requirements that can decrease chances for approval or receiving funds in a timely fashion. While an online lender offers a quicker, streamlined funding solution. Both options will look for:

  1. Score: Know your credit score.
  2. Plan: A detailed blueprint of how your plan to use the loan.
  3. Appraisal: The value amount of your proposed project.

Success Stories

Big wins for our construction clients

Within a few days of working closely with Upscale Capital, the funds were transferred.

Happy Cleaners - Denver, CO

Each question or concern I had was always answered in a timely manner. The company has a high level of professionalism.

M&T Construction - Knoxville, TN

I now have my preferred source of capital and I can feel relieved that I have a partner always alongside me.

Jennifer Flowers and Events, SpringField, Ohio

Trusted by businesses like yours

I’m thanking Thomas! He has work with me over the years helping me grow my candy store. Just got my second location. Amazing customer service.


We had a great experience with Michael. Quick responses, and available at anytime. He worked after hours to get me what I needed.


Upscale stepped in and gave me exactly what I needed. My business is thriving now!


The easiest and most professional service I received when looking for capital.


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